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Anything But Human is an Alternative band from Dallas, Texas that formed in 2019. The band released their first single “The Road” by summer 2019, and in 2020 they released their song “Move On” which hit became a top 30 billboard charting song. With over 10 Festivals 4 Tours in US 1 Mexico Tour 3 Chart Topping Singles under their belts, they became the #1 Rock Rage Radio, Brews Radio and still Climbing!




Ryan started writing songs,novels, and poems at a very early age in a small east Texas town. He started his first band in high school with his friends under the name “Stone Road”. After gaining local attention with the band, the friends decided to move to Dallas, Texas in hopes of more musical opportunities.


Stone Road unfortunately came to an end in 2014, but with perseverance he continued his musical career in the Dallas music scene. Ryan joined multiple projects including a popular local band named “Awake In Theory” where he served as the bands lead vocalist.


In 2018 Awake In Theory came to an end and he decided to work on a solo project. Joel Dennie (ABH drummer) saw Ryan performing at a venue in Dallas, Texas and ultimately the two decided to work together. In 2019 Anything But Human was born.

Joel Dennie


Joel Dennie started playing drums at a noticeably youthful age. Growing up in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, he was no stranger to the constant grind of the "Weekend Warrior" musicians and would visit Deep Ellum in Downtown Dallas often, club hopping to enjoy the vibrant live music scene. 

After moving on from music to peruse a successful career in electrical engineering, he was invited by a close childhood friend to the legendary Deep Ellum venue "Trees" to watch a band local to the area. 

After arriving early and being able to catch the opening acts, Dennie stumbled across Ryan Avila. Dennie was "blown away" by his vocals and jumped at the opportunity when Ryan was looking for a drummer. Several rehearsals they knew they had found their sound and the rest is history!

Phil Sahs

Phil "Wonky Eye" Sahs grew up in the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex with a love and fire for music straight out of the womb. Picking up the bass guitar as a teenager, Phil came "down with the sickness". That sickness being a fiery obsession with music. 


Phil spent his younger years cutting his teeth with bands local to the DFW area, playing for groups such as: "With These Words", Red Angel Theory", and "Ten Can Riot". With these groups, he was fortunate enough to play multiple major events, including the world renowned "Van's Warped Tour" and "Punk Rock Bowling".

In 2020, Phil had the opportunity to meet up with soon-to-be new bandmates Joel Dennie and Ryan Avila. He instantly clicked with the other two and with the chemistry they all felt in the room, he was welcomed as ABH's permanent bassist.

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